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Discovering Israeli Startup Culture

In recent years, Israel and Asia have “discovered” each other. Israeli start-ups are starting to look east for investments and development partners, while Asian investors and corporations have descended on Israel in droves, snapping up companies, technologies and even entrepreneurs, who open up facilities or relocate their companies to incubators in China, Japan or South Korea.

Knowledge Transfer

Global citizens Accelerator main objective is to bring this new wave of change and knowledge transfer to Vietnam, we are working to build a tech bridge between the two countries, bringing Israeli entrepreneurs to Vietnam to develop their ideas, and bringing Vietnamese programmers to work for Israeli start-ups. We believe that the exchange is good for both sides, because they can learn about each other, and that grows the chances of success.

Overcoming barriers

Like anywhere else in Asia, understanding the culture is a key to success in Vietnam, and we are working every day in overcoming barriers and opening minds to new ideas and concepts.

Join our program

Global citizens Accelerator runs internship programs in Vietnam in full collaboration with some of the best Israeli Accelerators, it is for entrepreneurs who want to learn those skillsthat made the Israeli start scene successful, as part of this program you will be meetings with industry leaders and mentors, investors and VCs, and learn lessons that will increase the chances of your startup to make a difference and disrupt industries.

Start – UP Visa

Explore a world of business opportunities by establishing your startup in Canada and accessing the North American market. Our program works closely with many Canadian Incubators, we guide you through the process of building a compelling business model, proof of concept and MVP that will appeal to Canadian Incubators. If accepted by one of these incubators, you will be able to move to Canada and establish your North American operation.