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For Entrepreneurs

We work with startups within the country of Vietnam looking to expand into the North American Market, some of them are in the idea stage, others already have proof of concept or MVP in progress. activities, we ultimately focus on team members, their relationships with each other, their efforts, passion and knowledge.

What do we expect from our Start-Ups?

  • Present an innovative idea using a detailed business plan
  • Create the first Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Have a startup already established with a proof of concept

What are the team roles of Canada and Vietnam?

Drafting of the business plan
Helping you to build the first MVP
Presentation your project to our partner incubators in Canada
Our Legal team supports your Immigration process
Development consulting and support through the life of your project
Share workspace in Canada
Enjoy our professional network in Canada

A 100% success rate

Since its creation, 100% of the projects presented to designated incubators in Canada by Global citizens have been successful and the startup was issued a letter of support.

A high level of requirement

We only present real entrepreneurs, with solid projects and every chance of succeeding when they arrive.

Entrepreneurial expertise

Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, who know how to analyze a business plan, build a strategy and support entrepreneurs

An optimized process

Between the 1st meeting and the submission of the file, we only take 4 weeks to analyze the files, strengthen the project and collect the documents

Guaranteed Letter of support

Applying for a Canadian Startup Visa is easy.

Being supported by a Canadian designated organization is a challenge that only professionals know how to overcome. We guarantee our start-ups that once they have been through our rigid pre-screening process, we will get the projected support from a designated institution in Canada.

Our team consists ofthe best of the best in the Canadian Tech industry and beyond, we will help you to create business strategies that solve your start-up challenges and help you get the support of a Canadian Designated Organization and a direct pathway to establish your business in North America.

Our services

Global citizens will assist you in selecting, preparing, and polishing a prospective business concept. We’ll identify the innovative idea and facilitate the Due Diligence process on a new start-up.

  • Review Business Plan
  • Comment
  • Submit
  • Assess the probability of acceptance
  • Zoom coaching
  • Canadian business idea research
  • Preparation for Interview
  • Liaison with the designated organization
  • Assuring acceptance
  • Help with course completion
  • Liaison with the government approved immigration experts
  • Recommendation on Board of Director structure
  • Business valuations
  • Job listing placements and recommendations
  • Staffing assistance
  • Incubator, investor or banking relationship introductions
  • Help create marketing material
  • Business start-up checklist
  • Preliminary marketing material
  • Marketing training
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring
  • Business recommendations (franchise, start-up, resale)
  • Business registration assistance
  • Due Diligence
  • IP strategy
  • Business mentoring
  • Government rebate, subsidy, and grant education
  • Accounting
  • Project management services
  • Value proposition building
  • Canadian-focused business guidance
  • Post landing program and support
We go above and beyond to find new possibilities for you to grow your business in Canada.

For Investors

Are you an investor?

Our angel investors are wealthy individuals who are looking to invest in exciting businesses. They will normally invest in return for a share of equity in the business. Beyond the investment, they often have skills, knowledge and networks that can add value to your businesses. Some of our investors become active members of the startup they invest in and contribute to its day-to-day operation.

Many of our investors believe in the potential of the Vietnamese market and are interested in getting to know a portfolio of Vietnamese startups that are disrupting this developing market. 

They understand that Vietnamese techies who enjoy the mentoring and support of technology experts from Israel and Canada who are well experienced can increase their chances to build great companies who can expand to North America, the most advanced technological market in the world.

What do Angels Investors expectfrom start-ups?

  1. Potential returns.Given the high-risk nature of early-stage equity, Angel Investors are first and foremost looking for an opportunity to make a good return. How good is a return? Certainly, better than they could get in the stock markets, and typically somewhere in this e region of 10 times over a 5–10-year investment.
  2. Growth potential/scalability.  Delivering a good return to investors is only possible if you have a business that has serious potential to grow, and can be scaled to fulfil that potential. Does your business clearly solve a problem, and can you demonstrate that you have some early traction?
  3. A strong team. A great idea alone will not get you far; you need to have a team who are going to be able to execute that idea and turn it into a reality. Having a team that can demonstrate experience and success in a similar field, adds significant credibility to everything else investors hear from you.
  4. A solid business plan. Investors will not only want to see ambitious yet realistic financial projections and targets, but also see that you really understand your market and customer, and can execute a go-to-market strategy to drive growth and hit your targets.
  5. An exit strategy. Investors will want to see how they can realize their investment gains within 5-10 years, and therefore what your strategy is for an exit, and within what timeframe, whether that be an IPO, sale or something else.
  6. A reason beyond the commercials.  If all the above ticks the boxes, you still want to ensure that your pitch can get investors excited for reasons beyond pure financial gain. Whilst some investors will only be interested in the economics of the deal, others will want to see a way that they can help make a difference in the world with their investment.  
  7. An opportunity to add value beyond capital. A lot of angel investors will want to have active involvement in the businesses they invest in, therefore it’s really important for them to see where they can add value beyond just their capital, whether that’s through mentoring, leadership or network.

Board on a new and exciting journey with us today, you are welcome to join our next accelerator meeting where you will be able to get to know our start-ups, the teams, and ideas that can make the world a better place.

Reach out to us today and we will be happy to get to know you.