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Who we are

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Who are we

Global Citizens is a business consulting firm for innovative technology entrepreneurs from Vietnam ready to start a business in Canada or anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

We encourage Vietnamese Startups to join our promotion program and we will guide innovative entrepreneurs on how to build a successful product that can attract Canadian Incubators and by doing so, for allowing some of our Startup projects to establish operations in North America, this mentoring process is being carried out by experts from Israel, the Startup nation.

We are proud to be a pioneer in supporting Vietnamese Startups to come to Canada and then expand worldwide.

We partner in Vietnam with licensed immigration agencies to connect their clients with leading Canadian Immigration Consultants, business advisors, financial services and support organizations. point. Legal advice and professional services are provided only by these local agencies. This will ensure that our clients receive good professional advice and local customer support throughout the process.

And finally, we help our Startups succeed in Canada as entrepreneurs by providing active and ongoing training and mentoring to their Canadian businesses.

Our team

We are entrepreneurs based in Vietnam, Canada and Israel. Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the Canadian Tech startup community. Our team consists of experienced investors in tech startups, longtime technologists, serial entrepreneurs and business consultants. Start- up visas require a lot of skills, knowledge and experience, it takes a team of experienced, knowledgeable tech businesses inside and outside of Canada to make it happen, and here’s why why we provide comprehensive and tailored support to entrepreneurs from Vietnam who wish to come and settle in Canada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide business advice and unique, tailor-made business consulting services to Vietnamese tech entrepreneurswho are willing to establish businesses in Canada and looking in getting permanent residences in Canada.

Canada has an excellent entrepreneurship environment within a start-up support ecosystem for those who wish to become a part of its landscape.