Global Citizens Technology

Nissim Debabani

Nissim Debabani is an entrepreneur and investor who has dedicated his life to the growth and expansion of businesses.

He was born and raised in Israel, a country that has gained worldwide recognition for its innovative technology industry. Nissim’s passion for business development and desire to share the Israeli DNA with programmers from different nationalities led him to found Global Citizens.

Global Citizens is a platform that connects Vietnamese programmers and Israeli tech companies. The platform allows programmers to learn about Israeli culture and the secrets behind Israel’s success as a startup nation.

By doing so, Nissim is helping expand Israeli tech companies and promoting cultural exchange and understanding. Nissim’s passion for business development is not limited to his work with Global Citizens.

He has also been involved in international business consulting for high-net-worth investors who want to become Global Citizens by establishing businesses in Canada or the US or purchasing properties in Europe.

Nissim also has been involved in the development of startups in Canada, Vietnam, and Mexico, providing them with the guidance and resources they need to succeed.

Through his work, he has gained a reputation as a solution-driven visionary entrepreneur who thinks outside the box. Nissim’s success as an entrepreneur can be attributed to his strong work ethic, passion for business development, and willingness to take risks and think out of the box.

He is a true global citizen who understands the importance of cultural exchange and the role it plays in promoting innovation and growth. His dedication to promoting Israeli DNA and helping businesses in the technology sector grow and expand inspires many young entrepreneurs.